Friday, March 24, 2017

Blakely- 11 Months

EAT: Blakely learned how to drink through a straw!! She loves Cream O Wheat and cereal for breakfast.

SLEEP: Still sleeping through the night... Although there was one night when Wes's friend Luke came to stay, so we had her sleep with us in case she woke up and cried, we didn't want to scare him. Talk about THE. WORST. NIGHT. EVER. literally the worst night she ever had. she cried from 8pm-12am. then would wake up every hour... literally thought I might kill her.. safe to say she's going in her crib no matter what!!

FAVORITES: Her baby doll has become her favorite, she laughs when we out it in her carseat or swing, or when any of her toys are sitting up looking straight at her she thinks it's quite funny!

WE CAN'T BELIEVE: She's WALKING!! When we were down in Mesquite for NASCAR she took two steps, then three. Then a few days later she starting taking 4-5 steps!

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