Friday, March 24, 2017

Blakely- 11 Months

EAT: Blakely learned how to drink through a straw!! She loves Cream O Wheat and cereal for breakfast.

SLEEP: Still sleeping through the night... Although there was one night when Wes's friend Luke came to stay, so we had her sleep with us in case she woke up and cried, we didn't want to scare him. Talk about THE. WORST. NIGHT. EVER. literally the worst night she ever had. she cried from 8pm-12am. then would wake up every hour... literally thought I might kill her.. safe to say she's going in her crib no matter what!!

FAVORITES: Her baby doll has become her favorite, she laughs when we out it in her carseat or swing, or when any of her toys are sitting up looking straight at her she thinks it's quite funny!

WE CAN'T BELIEVE: She's WALKING!! When we were down in Mesquite for NASCAR she took two steps, then three. Then a few days later she starting taking 4-5 steps!

Blakely- 10 months

EAT: Blakely loves food. She eats anything and everything that we eat, except eggs and pancakes (who is she?) maybe the syrup is too sweet. She's also pretty much done with baby food, after tasting our good food, she doesn't want mush anymore (can ya blame her)?!

SLEEP: She sleeps through the night!!! and if she wakes up she just cries her self to sleep after a few minutes! She also wakes up SO happy, she doesn't even cry when she wakes up, she will lay in her crib and not make a peep until I go and get her! Best Baby Ever!

FAVORITES: She loves being outside and going on walks.

WE CAN'T BELIEVE: She's so close to walking, you can tell she will be walking before we know it!
Blakely still only has two teeth on bottom and four teeth on top, we kept thinking more were going to pop through, but none have yet.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blakely - 9 months

EAT: Blakely is eating all kinds of food now, we will give her a taste of everything that we eat in very small mushed up portions. She LOVES food! She can now pick up puffs and put them in her mouth all by herself, which took her a long time to get that down.

SLEEP: (insert eye roll)... seriously has not gotten any better. Does not matter if shes taken three naps or one small nap she is still waking up in the night. All she wants is to sleep next to us.

THE STAIRS!!! She will not stay off the stairs she climbs up them so fast (we need a baby gate, like yesterday)

She's starting to laugh at things, we will turn a cartoon on, on Youtube and she will laugh at the characters.

Blakely - 8 months

We can't believe: She starting crawling a week before she turned 8 months! She seems so tiny to be doing that. But os so great she can crawl and entertain herself a little more. 

Sleep: We started putting her upstairs in her own crib, I thought we were getting successful but then it has only gotten worse. She cries so hard and will not stop until we go and grab her finally. UGHHH!

Dislikes: For awhile now she has started hating her carseat BOO!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Card 2016

I took her to Daisy Tree studio, the same place that her newborn pictures were done. She only lasted 35 min but was pretty good and she only nose dived on the floor once and was crying hard but calmed down fairly fast! So I think it was pretty successful!

Blakely - 7 months

Sleep: She has started to go to bed earlier, sometimes around 8 pm (whoo hoo).. but still wakes up around 1-2am and 6-7am.

Eat: Shes been eating a lot more, mostly baby food and rice cereal, we have given her some things off our plates too.

Favorites: Toys that light up and make noise.

We can't believe: She stood up all by her self, she first did it when we was in the car seat hooked to the stroller, so she was totally standing in her car seat. Then she did it again in her Pack n Play.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Blakely - 6 months

Weight: 15 lbs 10 oz
Height: 26 1/4 inches
Sleeps: She has now taken a couple naps in her room. We did try putting her to bed upstairs and she fell right asleep but seriously kept waking up and rolling into the railing... so we will have to try again her soon.

Eats: LOVES her peas and sweet potatoes.

Favorites: Paper (I actually think that might have been her first solid, jk) She grabs EVERYTHING and it goes straight to her mouth.
Loves: She loves to look in the mirror and see herself.

Hates: Her car seat (ugh) cries every time she gets in it and she has learned to arch her back (eye roll)

We can't believe: She is sitting up all by herself, she can sit for several minutes until she starts to grab for something ans starts falling over.. she may have already hit her head one too many times.